Ventos Diaphragm compressors are an ideal solution for compressing gases without contamination.

Product Range

       Max. Flow

    Max. Pressure


      400 Nm3/hr

   900 Bar

       200 kW


Suitable Gases









Calibration gases



We provide a complete compressor package with inter and after coolers, oil

and gas pressure gauges, all pressure switches, pressure safety valves.

Electric motors and electric control panels are also part of the package.

Sound proofing canopy is also available.

Some of our vendors for the bought out components are:


•   Suction/ Delivery Valves: Cozzani/ Hoerbiger

•   Safety Valves: Swagelok

•   PLC System: Siemens

•   Pressure Transmitters: Wika



Our compressors have a fail safe triple diaphragm system. This ensures that oil

and gas will never mix, incase of diaphragm rupture. Inter-stage safety valves,

oil & gas pressure switches are also installed.

Key Features

•   Conformance to CE/ ATEX/ PED European standards

•   All gas contact parts are in stainless steel

•   Guaranteed Zero Contamination of the compressed gas

•   Long life of diaphragm, between 4000 to 8000 hours


•   We provide worldwide installation & after sales servicing

•   Spare parts are always available in stock and can be immediately dispatched