(Membrane Compressors)

Ventos Diaphragm compressors, are the ideal solution for gas compression with zero contamination.

We custom engineer each compressor, to suit customer project specifications. All compressors are workshop tested at 100% load, prior to delivery.

Why choose Ventos as your Diaphragm compressor partner?

  • We provide worldwide after-sales servicing through our distributor network
  • Next day dispatch of spare parts
  • Quick delivery time for new compressors

Diaphragm Compressor range

  • Minimum suction pressure: 0 barg
  • Max discharge pressure: 1000 barg
  • Max Flow rate: 500 Nm3/hr

    Common Applications

  • Compressing process gas in chemical process plants and refineries
  • 450 bar / 900 bar compressors for Hydrogen Filling Stations
  • Argon gas recovery from liquid cryogenic tanks
  • Helium cylinder filling
  • Industrial hydrogen filling in cylinders
  • Special gases like: Silane , NO , Ultra high purity Oxygen , HCL
  • Oxygen cylinder filling in hospitals with PSA oxygen
  • Boosting gas compressors from low pressure to high pressure

    Advantages of Diaphragm compressors

  • No gas leakage during compression
  • Guaranteed zero gas contamination
  • No filters required downstream of compressor
  • Very safe for high pressures
  • Silent, low vibration

    Technical features

  • Skid mounted package, complete with electric motor, Electrical control panel
  • One touch PLC operation
  • CE, ATEX, PED, EAC certifications available
  • All compressors are custom designed as per customer data
  • Triple Diaphragm construction, with diaphragm break alarms
  • Sound proof enclosures, closed loop water cooling optional
  • Long life of diaphragms: Up to 10,000 hours
  • All stainless steel gas contact parts inside compressor

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