Oil-Free Compressors

In this reciprocating compressor range, the cylinders are air-cooled. The inter-stage heat exchangers are also air cooled.

The whole package is skid mounted, plug and play.

Air-cooled Compressor range:

  • Minmum suction pressure: 0 barg
  • Max discharge pressure: 90 barg
  • Max Flow rate: 100 Nm3/hr

    Common Applications:

  • N2O production plants
  • Natural gas pressure boosting
  • SF6 gas recovery and transfer
  • Helium gas compression
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Lasers

    Advantages of Ventos Oil-free Boosters:

  • Leak tight crankcase with Magnetic seal
  • No gas contamination
  • No filters required downstream of compressor
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Suitable for wet and dry gases

    Technical features:

  • Skid mounted package, complete with electric motor, Electrical control panel
  • One touch PLC operation
  • CE, ATEX, PED, EAC certifications available
  • All compressors are custom designed as per customer data
  • Sound proof enclosures optional
  • Long life of Piston rings
  • All stainless steel gas contact parts

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