Our Story

Ventos is a specialised manufacturer of gas compressors. We are located in Perugia city, Italy. We are backed up by 75 years of experience in compressor manufacturing.

Our goal: To solve difficult problems for customers!

Our team designs compression solutions for customers. To help them save money, and have an efficient system.

Core strength: Gas Compressors for Hydrogen Filling Stations, Oxygen compressors, Helium Compressors.

Global after-sales support: With our network of group companies, and distributors, we provide local servicing to customers globally.

Spare parts: Are always available in stock. We dispatch them next day by air courier.

Long term business: We work with companies for a long time. Consistently providing them with state of the art compressors and on-time service.

Customers: Largest industrial gas manufacturers, Steel plants, Aerospace companies, Chemical plants, Refineries, Defence and Military.

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