Oil-free Boosters

Ventos manufactures, a wide range of Oil-free boosters. Boosters are designed for oxygen gas, hydrogen gas, many others.

All gas contact parts are in stainless steel. The boosters are electric motor driven and don’t require any compressed air! Plug-Play design.

Ventos Booster range

  • Minmum suction pressure: 1 barg
  • Max discharge pressure: 450 barg
  • Max Flow rate: Variable Nm3/hr

    Common Applications:

  • Oxygen cylinder filling using gas from PSA plants
  • Hospital installation for medical oxygen filling
  • Hydrogen boosters for filling stations
  • Helium gas trans-filling (from large bank to individual cylinders)
  • Boil-Off argon recovery from liquid cryogenic tanks
  • Refrigerant gas transfer
  • Single booster used on multiple gases, at industrial gas factories

    Advantages of Ventos Oil-free Boosters:

  • Leak tight gland seals. No gas leak
  • No gas contamination
  • No filters required downstream of compressor
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Portable design, lightweight

    Technical features:

  • Skid mounted package, complete with electric motor, Electrical control panel
  • One touch PLC operation
  • CE, ATEX, PED, EAC certifications available
  • All compressors are custom designed as per customer data
  • Sound proof enclosures, closed loop water cooling optional
  • Long life of Piston rings
  • All stainless steel gas contact parts

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